Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spiritual guide

   A few days ago I meet a healer and a spiritual guide, a very interesting woman with multiple wisdom lessons and a rich experience in life. It's amazing how sometimes you can come across very unexpected and interesting people. During the meeting, she told me that it's very bad for the energy chakras to wear black all the time ( yah, I know, everything is connected to fashion even our inner health). Honestly, I'm not a big believer of all that chakras stuff but still promised myself to wear the maximum of colourful clothes because there is an amazing colour palette available in the fashion industry now which is kind of a fashion crime to not try them all; so, the first colours that I ''disguised'' myself in is emerald green and turquoise, perfect Pair! 

Happy weekend!
                                                                                                                                       xoxo Irina

Kimono style cardigan: Zara; striped t-shirt: Mango; skinny pants: H&M; leather bag: Danier; leather booties: H&M; leather belt: Prada; sunnies: Gianfranco Ferre; necklace: Forever 21; earrings: Forever 21; watch: Anne Klein; gem-stone bracelet with Buddha face: unknown/Turkey; jewelry: gold/Italy.

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