Monday, April 23, 2012

Not so fun Monday

Not so fun monday, very windy and stormy outside, you would think that the winter is back. On days like today, all you should do is drink a hot chocolate while reading Hunger Games and watching a Gossip Girl marathon. If you still need to go out, than only the layers of clothes can save you. Today, to keep me warm I wore a good sweater plus a leather jacket and finally an utility gilet. Hope the other days of the week will be much warmer. 
                                                                                                                                                 xoxo Irina

Jacket: Danier; gilet: Smart Set; sweater and bag: Mango; jeans and belt: H&M; shoes: Anne Marino; watch: Anne Klein; necklace: Forever 21; ring: Rachel Roy; gem-stone bracelet: unknown/Turkey; jewelry: gold/Italy.


  1. You look great.. I love the bag! <3

    - Victoria

  2. love the jacket!


  3. Love your bag! Looks great paired with that coat!